New one-hour format for my radio show Music Over Matter

As of today, January 4th, my show Music Over Matter changes to a weekly one-hour format, alternating each week through three genre-focused phases: solid, liquid and gas. More on the change below.

I’ve been publishing a DJ-oriented electronic music radio show for over two years. It’s called Music Over Matter, and every week I showcase my latest favorite tracks in styles ranging from progressive house and melodic techno, to trance and psy-trance. The show has been 2 hours from the start, almost always divided into three 40-minute segments called “phases”.

The phases correspond to the three primary phases of matter, from solid (house and techno at 120–128 bpm), to liquid (mainstream trance), to gas (tech trance and psy at 138+ bpm). Every once in awhile we’ve even dabbled in plasma by playing hardcore or drum & bass music at tempos beyond 150, but that’s super rare.

Since the pandemic put my DJ career on hold, I found myself forced to shift my primary day-to-day focus from music projects to growing my software consulting business, currently employing over 75 brilliant people across Latin America. That growth has made it increasingly difficult to prepare a 2 hour show every week. It’s not just recording the show that takes time, my production partner Mario and I typically devote many hours every week to combing through promos and deciding on the music that will go into the show.

When I didn’t have a full-time job it was easy to get the show done, but now what I’m finding is that the show is preventing me from doing the kind of music work that I actually find most fulfilling: production. My debut artist album has been very slowly coming together throughout 2020 and I hope to finally release it this year. My hope of actually getting that done without sacrificing something else was close to zero, hence the change to the show.

I’ll continue streaming DJ sets via Twitch from time to time, as well as peforming at shows both online and in the real world once the pandemic settles down and we’re able to resume nightlife and electronic music festivals.

Hoping that fans of the show continue to enjoy the broadcast. Comments and questions welcome, just hit me up here or via Twitter.

CTO for Hire, Author, and Software Engineer. Digital Nomad. Chief Consultant at MagmaLabs. Electronic Music Producer/DJ.