Moving my writing to Substack

Some of you that have been following me for years know that I’m a prolific and opinionated writer. And while I’m writing more than ever, most of it is kept private. Why? Because the global social media dumpster fire is becoming ever more hostile to liberal intellectuals, and I count myself amongst them. The shift bothers me, but at 46 years old I’m getting too old to be on the frontlines of the fight for freedom.

From now on my social media outlets including Twitter and my Facebook page will only be used to promote my music career. I plan to put more and more energy into into producing music over the next few years. Not only electronic dance music, but also soundtracks and more experimental stuff.

I’ll still do some technical writing from time to time, but that content will live alongside that of my companions at MagmaLabs.

What does that leave?

A lot. Everything else I write concerning business, technology, politics, spirituality and what I consider to be a unique perspective on a world that’s rapidly spinning out of control. Also stuff that could be roughly described as memoirs. (I’ve had an interesting life.) Those are topics that I used to publish here on Medium, but not anymore.

My writing on those topics will no longer be public. It will be for subscribers only, at a modest cost. I’m not doing this to get rich, and I don’t need it to net me a lot of money. It’s just a tool for the job, which is limiting my audience to intelligent people who would enjoy participating in nuanced discussions regarding things that I care about.

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CTO for Hire, Author, and Software Engineer. Digital Nomad. Chief Consultant at MagmaLabs. Electronic Music Producer/DJ.