Coming up on 100

A quick music production retrospective

Obie Fernandez
3 min readAug 24

Recently I’ve been pulling together a big spreadsheet of every single original track or remix I’ve ever produced and finished. Kind of an audit of sorts, mostly to make sure I have every master file archived and no project gets forgotten. It’s been an enlightening effort…

My Big Release List (NEWEST AT TOP)

My personal stats since “going pro” in 2018 are:

  • 50+ official record label releases
  • 3 established aliases (incl. PKD, KNBI, Kyberian)
  • dozens of promo releases on Soundcloud, etc
  • almost 30 unreleased tracks at the moment
  • the list doesn’t include mashups and DJ edits
  • I’m probably still overlooking some
  • that means I’m very close to 100 finished original works

I feel like it goes to show the power of applying perseverance to lifelong dreams. Over the last 5 years, despite raising a kid (now a teenager), raising millions of dollars as CEO of an intense startup with over 100 employees, bouts of digital nomadism, and dealing with messy personal situations… I’ve still manage to never stop working on music for more than a month or two at a time, and on average have finished more than one track per month.

My studio in Mexico City (September 2022)
My studio in Mexico City (November 2018)

Sometimes I didn’t even have a studio, just my laptop and headphones. Didn’t matter, and it shouldn’t matter. If you have a dream and inspiration, just put in the work, and I promise everything else falls into place eventually…

At moments like these it’s important to say thank you, and I’m sending huge loving gratitude to everyone that has generously supported me along the journey, especially my bros Juan and Mario, Rich & Paula, my friends and family in ATL, LA and CDMX, and my small but committed fanbase.

There’s so much more coming soon. Like I mentioned above, I have a ton of unreleased music, enough for a KNBI album, and there are a number of huge official label announcements about to happen. One of them is my debut on another huge established record label, and the other is the pending release of my remix of a classic tune made famous by Tiesto in his trance heydey! 🤩

Listen to my music here:






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